Regular Credit Guarantee Programs
Type of Credit Guarantee
Eligible Client
General Purpose Loans
Loans under Portfolio Guarantee
Guarantees on Issuing Commercial Papers
Export Loans
Loans for Raw Materials
Guarantees on Contract Performance
Policy-oriented Loans
Loans for Supply-chain Enterprises

Disaster Reconstruction Loans for SMEs

SMEs in urgency to reconstruct after disasters

Loans for Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Nationals aged 20-45 whose business have been operated less than 5 years

Loans for Knowledge-based Enterprises

Qualified knowledge-based SMEs

Micro Entrepreneur Loans

Micro businesses with no more than 10 employees

Loans for Assisting SMEs with Investment in Friendly Countries

SMEs whose investment in friendly countries is approved by MOEA *

Direct Guarantee for Fostering Enterprise Innovation

Approved SMEs in Innovation Research Projects by MOEA *

The Preferential Guarantee Project for Micro Business Loans of Hundred-Billion

SMEs and micro business with capital under NT$30 million

 *MOEA: Ministry of Economic Affairs